ABOUT Bougainville Bay Resort & SPA

Bougainville Bay was designed in such a way that commodity and aesthetics intertwine. Each detail found on the interior and exterior of the hotel is a piece of art: the lobby, hallways, rooms, stairways, paths, pools, restaurants, SPA, and the beach area. The mosaics and ceramic objects handcrafted by various Albanian artists are the highlights in every step. Walking through the main artery of the Bay, Sokak, and stepping on the smooth and picturesque stairway following the sea-view apartments, may seem like a visit to a genuine art gallery, designed to evoke artistic emotions in visitors.

Bougainville Bay is located in Saranda, on the amazing Ionian seaside, one of the most fascinating bays on the Albanian Coastline.

Bougainville Bay Resort welcomes year-round tourism. You can book any time throughout the year, not only during the peak of the season but even on the coldest days of Winter. Saranda is one of the only cities in the Balkans where there are 300 sunny days during the year. Therefore, Bougainville Bay is the perfect home for you and for nature itself. At the resort, there are over 1000 Bougainville roots planted, which are bright colors that give life to the surrounding areas. Apart from these, the resort has lemon, mandarin, orange trees, and oleander planted in its areas.

Bougainville Bay is a resort that welcomes all ages, thanks to its indoor and outdoor activities. The areas at the resort offer entertainment options from the youngest to the oldest.

The Gaudi-style architecture is very impressive.

You can visit Bougainville Bay to spend your vacations or to organize events and conferences.

The elegant accommodation, amazing sea view, variety of dishes, water activities, and historical and cultural attractions will make your vacation unforgettable!