Water Sports

The Yacht Blue Dream Yacht is ready to accompany you to your favorite destination. The yacht captain and his assistant will accompany you throughout the trip. You can book Blue Dream for 8 hours and more. 24 hours before and at the time of departure, the captain analyzes whether the weather and waves suit sailing. If you have chosen your cruise to last more than 8 hours, we suggest you bring food and water with you. Margarita, Diellza & BluBlu Gourmet will come to your help.

Blue Dream is equipped with lifesaving equipment for 11 people, a maximum capacity of the yacht (2 of them are part of the staff). Sailing is advisable until 20:00, before dark.

You can book the yacht to visit the shores of Albania, but also abroad (according to the rules of COVID-19 established by the Ministry of Health).


Our boat, Linda, for large groups and short trips, is here to accompany you to your favorite destinations, to see the bay of Saranda and the small picturesque islands of Ksamil.

Boat trips

The Bougainville Bay boat is a great way to visit the most fantastic places on the Ionian coast, such as the Pirate’s Cave, Porto Palermo, Krorez, Kakome, Lukova Cave, etc. Discover the magical beaches of southwest Albania, and admire the beautiful panorama that mother nature has given us.


Canoeing is a water sport practiced with the help of a boat and paddle with one or two blades. With the support of our friendly and professional staff, you will discover the fantastic world of canoeing.

Scuba Diving

For diving enthusiasts or those who want to try for the first time, we invite you to discover the wonders of underwater life and take-home unforgettable memories. You can find all the diving equipment in Sokak.