The Monastery of 40 Saints is itself an oasis of legends and the most important historical monument in the city of Saranda. Locals have inherited from generation to generation the stories of their ancestors about the events in Manastir and the origin of its name. The walls of the Monastery have murals of Byzantine disciples and one of the paintings is thought to be one of the oldest Byzantine murals in Albania. It is believed that the church was functional until the 19th century. The monastery was kept in good condition until 1944 when it was bombed by British soldiers, who thought the building served as a shelter for a German garrison.

Address: The Monastery of the 40 Saints is located on the hill in front of the Castle of Lêkures, about 4 km from the city of Saranda. 8 minutes away from Bougainville Bay Resort & SPA.

Hours: 24 hours