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19 11, 2022

Parku Arkeologjik i Butrintit

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The history of the Archeological Park of Butrint has left an important mark on the entire territory of the park. The main architectural monuments in the park include a Roman theater, Dionysusalter, Nymphaeum, Thermae, Gymnasium, Forum, the temples of Minerva [...]

19 11, 2022

Kalaja e Lëkursit

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The Castle of Lëkursi is located above Saranda, on a hill. Fragments of walls and two bastions remain from the Ottoman fortress. From the castle, you can enjoy wonderful views. The castle was built in the 16th century by the [...]

19 11, 2022

Manastiri i 40 Shenjtorëve

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The Monastery of 40 Saints is itself an oasis of legends and the most important historical monument in the city of Saranda. Locals have inherited from generation to generation the stories of their ancestors about the events in Manastir and [...]

19 11, 2022

Gjiri i Kakomesë

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Located in a former military area and surrounded by a private beach, Kakome Bay is considered the most beautiful beach on the Albanian Riviera. Kakome Bay is frequented exclusively by resort vacationers using motorboats, yachts, or cars. It is the [...]

19 11, 2022


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To enjoy the swimming and sunshine while staying in Saranda, it is really necessary to spend at least one day in Ksamil. This hidden gem is located at the southern tip of the Albanian Riviera and is definitely one of [...]

19 11, 2022

Plazhi i Shpellave të Lukovës

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Placed just 10 minutes away from Kroreza Bay, Lukova Cave is the ideal place to relax and see all its amazing views. It is known for its tranquility, the deep crystal blue water of the Ionian Sea, and the enchanting [...]

19 11, 2022

Gjiri Krorëz

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Krorëza is considered one of the most fascinating beaches in Albania, which can only be explored by boat. Krorëza Bay is located between the coasts of Himara and Saranda. The natural beauty, the virgin nature, the tranquility of the area, [...]

19 11, 2022

Port of Saranda

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The Port of Saranda is the only port benefiting South Albania and cities like Saranda, Delvina, Gjirokastër, Përmet and Tepelën. This port is one of the main tourist attractions in the city with a beautiful promenade. Address: Saranda, Albania, 7 [...]