The history of the Archeological Park of Butrint has left an important mark on the entire territory of the park. The main architectural monuments in the park include a Roman theater, Dionysusalter, Nymphaeum, Thermae, Gymnasium, Forum, the temples of Minerva and Asclepius, and the Gate of Lions, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Roman theater of Butrint is among the oldest buildings in the city of Saranda. It is located just below the Acropolis and faces the Vivari canal. The theater was built in the 3rd century BC. During the Roman period, it underwent many renovations and expansions. The auditorium was also expanded to accommodate the growing population of the city at the time.

Address: SH81, Butrint, 20 minutes from Bougainville Bay Resort & SPA

Hours: 08:00 AM – 08:00 PM